Studying W. G. Sebald: Frustration and inspiration, answers as well as questions…

The University of Leeds German student newsletter is out. This year, it’s written by Claire Cordukes, who included a lovely feature about my module on W. G. Sebald and the Politics of Literature, from a student point of view.


Claire writes enthusiastically about Sebald’s work, describing the choice of texts – Die Ausgewanderten, Luftkrieg und Literatur and Die Ringe des Saturn as ‘a great mixture of literature to get stuck into’. I’m particularly touched at Claire’s kind words about my teaching – she writes that my ‘passion for everything Sebaldian helped to inspire students to think outside the box and embrace Sebald’s original style’.

It was an absolute delight teaching the class, and, Claire, your Sebald Project on angels in Sebald’s work was a really wonderful piece of work! When designing the module, I hoped to achieve a balance between demanding scholarly rigour in the seminar and creating a relaxed structure and atmosphere so that we could explore ideas informally together. Claire’s article suggests that I did manage to achieve some of this ambition.

You can read Claire’s article (and the rest of the newsletter) in full here: W. G. Sebald.


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