Legenda News » Sebald’s Bachelors Arrive

The bachelors have arrived

The bachelors have arrived

Legenda Books, the publisher of Sebald’s Bachelors, have posted a lovely blog post to mark its publication, containing this thoughtful remark:

But I think part of the explanation for Sebald’s gathering acclaim is indeed the period he lived in, or rather, the period his life only just extended into. He must be one of the first novelists to rise from solid appreciation into recognised greatness in the Internet age (perhaps David Foster Wallace is another). As we move towards a world in which reading novels is something we do together – the Internet as book club – so we form communities around authors, with Terry Pitts’s excellent Vertigo website being a prime example: a gathering place as much as a news blog. Few writers are so well served by their readers as Sebald, and he deserves them.

via Legenda News » Sebald’s Bachelors Arrive.

I couldn’t agree more.


2 thoughts on “Legenda News » Sebald’s Bachelors Arrive

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