Talks and Presentations

  • 3 October 2015, Invited Speaker, ‘From German-Jewish Meta-Testimony to Transnational Holocaust Memory’, GSA Washington conference
  • 19 May 2015, Invited Keynote, ‘Traumatic Memories and Transnational Cultures: Restitution in the Postcolonial City’, graduate conference, University of Copenhagen.
  • 30 March 2015, ‘From Sebald to Vladislavic: Contrition, dialectical images and the postcolonial flaneur’, workshop on Comparative Perspectives on German and South African Film and Literature, 27. Tagung des Germanistenverbandes im Südlichen Afrika, “Geschichte(n) und Identität”, University of Namibia.
  • 26 January 2015, ‘H. G. Adler’s Yellow Star: Emotion in the Transnational Holocaust Archive’, Transnational Holocaust Memory conference, University of Leeds.
  • 20 November 2014, Invited Speaker, ‘W. G. Sebald’s Literary Capital: The Sebald Effect in Holocaust Literature?’, University of Notre Dame in London.
  • 25 July 2014: ‘Performing the Yorkshire Holocaust Survivors Association Archive’, at Music, Memory and Migration conference, University of Leeds
  • 4 April 2014: ‘W. G. Sebald’s Literary Capital: The Sebald Effect in Holocaust Literature?’ at the Department of English, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
  • 14 January 2014: Respondent, workshop on ‘The Holocaust, Race, and Racism in the Postcolonial World’, Wiener Library
  • 25 October 2013: Keynote speaker: ‘Canon and canon-formation in German-language Holocaust literature: the politics of testimony and transnational transmission’, ‘Transnational European Circulations: contemporary, historical and Holocaust literature’ graduate conference, University of Copenhagen
  • 4 October 2013, ‘Forbidden Testimony, Transnational Memory: Klüger and Adler in America’, GSA Denver conference
  • 11 April 2013, “Ressentiment, Witness and Forgiveness: H. G. Adler and Holocaust memory”, at ‘Remembering and Managing the Past in Germany and South Africa: A Comparison’ workshop, Nottingham Trent University
  • 4 April 2013 : The Testimonial Turn? Remembrance and Representation in German Holocaust Literature between 1962 and 1977, AGS Cardiff conference
  • 14 February 2013: ‘Nationalisms and Sexualities’, Tendencies at TwentyUniversity of York
  • 29 January 2013: ‘Sebald’s Bachelors: Queer Resistance and the Unconforming Life’, University of Warwick German Seminar Series.
  • 13 December 2012: ‘German Intellectuals from Student Revolution to Reaction: Botho Strauß, Peter Handke, W. G. Sebald’, University of Manchester CIDRAL Public Intellectuals Seminar Series.
  • 11-12 November 2012: Invited Speaker: ‘Prague circles: the vicissitudes of H. G. Adler’s modernist poetics’, H. G. Adler: Life, Literature, Legacy, hosted by the Israel and Golda Koschitzky Center for Jewish Studies and the Department of English at York University in Toronto.
  • 11 October 2012: ‘ Heimat in poetry: Adler and Sebald’s shared literary elective affinities’, at ‘H. G. Adler/W. G. Sebald: Witnessing, Memory, Poetics‘ symposium
  • 5 November 2011: ‘Translating Trauma: the fiction of H. G. Adler’, held at 11th Portsmouth Translation/British Comparative Literature Association conference
  • 21 September 2011 and 27 October 2010: ‘W. G. Sebald: Memory, History, Identity’ at the York Anglo-German Society and at the Scarborough Anglo-German Society
  • 9 April 2011: ‘Transnationalism, Memory and Virtual Spaces: Larissa Boehning and the Berlin Generation’, held at Larissa Boehning and Contemporary Literature symposium, University of Liverpool
  • 24 February 2011: ‘Authenticity, Translation and Modernism: H. G Adler’s Eine Reise / The Journey as a Limit Case of Holocaust Translation’ (co-presented with Professor Frank Finlay), held at Holocaust Writing and Translation conference, Institute of Romance and Germanic Studies London
  • 17 December 2010: ‘Some problems in translating Holocaust-specific vocabulary: Adler’s Eine Reise‘, held at Holocaust Writing and Translation Workshop, University of East Anglia
  • 13 November 2010: ‘Representations of genderqueer friendship in Antje Ravic Strubel’s Fremd Gehen’, held at Women in German Studies conference, Swansea
  • 9 July 2010: ‘Daniel Kehlmann’s Die Vermessung der Welt: Writing Enlightenment, Nation and Empire’, held at Leeds-Swansea Symposium on Empire and the German-Speaking World
  • 26 March 2010: ‘Queer Transnationalism in Recent German Literature and Culture’, held at Representing and Experiencing Transnationalism: Germanic Languages and Cultures in Global Perspective International conference in co-operation with the Max Kade Institute University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Autumn 2009: invited participant in two workshops: The Novel in German since 1990 at Leeds, and Translating Gender at Nottingham
  • 8 April 2009: ‘Hugo Hamilton’s Disguise and W. G. Sebald’s Austerlitz: constructed memories, imagined identities’, held at AGS (CUTG) History and Remembrance Panel, University of Ulster
  • 7 July 2008: ‘Over the Border: W. G. Sebald’s Queer Geographies, held at INTERSECTIONS: Feminist & Queer Geographies conference, University of Leeds
  • 22 June 2008: “‘It seems to me sometimes that we never got used to being on this earth’: W. G. Sebald and the Anglo-Irish diaspora”. Held at the World Universities Network conference on Diaspora and Cosmopolitanism in Madison, Wisconsin
  • 26 March 2008: “‘Die Vermessung der Weimarer Klassik’: Daniel Kehlmann’s Die Vermessung der Welt and the rehabilitation of Enlightement”. Held at the Twentieth Century and Contemporary Studies Panel at the CUTG in Nottingham
  • 15 June 2007: “‘Von der anderen Partei’: Uncanny homosexuality and the crisis of the bourgeois self in Sebald’s work”.  Held at W. G. Sebald and the European Tradition symposium, at the University of East Anglia.
  • 27 March 2004: “Romantic Transformations of the Self: W. G. Sebald and the Network of Subjectivity”. Held at Approaching W. G. Sebald conference, at Yale University.
  • 27 December 2003: “Parodies, pastiches or deconstructive plays? Botho Strauß’ Der junge Mann and W. G. Sebald’s Austerlitz as homages to Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre“.  Held at the Modern Languages of North America Convention in San Diego, on panel Parody: Revisioning Goethe.
  • 26 November 2003: “The imperative to remember the unbearable: Sebald, Nietzsche and the re-discovery of the subject as the locus of morality”.  Held at postgraduate symposium Memory, Memorials and Testimonies: Framing the Past, at Nottingham Trent University.

One thought on “Talks and Presentations

  1. hi Helen,
    I’m writing my MA Thesis on Hugo Hamilton and read a paper that referenced your at the time unpublished paper. It coresponds to your talk 8 April 2009: ‘Hugo Hamilton’s Disguise and W. G. Sebald’s Austerlitz: constructed memories, imagined identities’, held at AGS (CUTG) History and Remembrance Panel, University of Ulster
    Have you published the paper since? It would really help me to read it.
    thanks in advance

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