Teaching Experience

I’ve taught a wide range of courses in German literature, cultural studies, language and translation, as well as in European thought and film, in my ten years as a university teacher. My full teaching experience is listed below.

University of Leeds, 2007 – 2015

Cultural and area studies teaching:
• Level Three W. G. Sebald and the Politics of Literature
• Level Three Dissertation
• Level Two Freedom and Control (German literature and film from Lessing to Jelinek)
• Level Two Shock of the New (Culture and politics in Germany from 1870-1945)
• Level Two Berliner Republik (Contemporary politics and society in Germany)
• Level One Approaching German Culture (from the Enlightenment to the present)
• Level One Imagining Modern Germany (German history and politics from 1870 to the present)
• Level One Worlds of Literature (introduction to comparative literary studies)
Language teaching:
• M-level Literary Translation
• Level Three Advanced Translation
• Level Three Core Language
• Level Two Core Language
Personal Tutor to students at all levels

University of Liverpool, 2008 – 2009

Cultural and area studies teaching
• Level Three Issues in the Contemporary German Novel
• Level Three Terror Remembered: Post-Dictatorship Representation In Latin America And Europe:
• Level Three The German Cinema since 1990
• Level Three World Literature In Translation
• Level Two Culture And Politics In East Germany
• Level Two German Cinema From The Expressionism To The Present
• Level Two The German Short Story Since The 1990s
• Level Two The Cinematic City
• Level One Introduction To German Studies
• Level One Introduction To Film Language
Language teaching
• Level Three translation
• Level Two grammar
Personal Tutor to students at all levels

University of Ulster, February – May 2007

Language teaching
• Third year Translation German into English
• Third year Grammar
• Second year Specialist Translation German into English
• Second year Grammar
• Second year Interpreting
• Translation German into English for German Exchange Students
• First year Grammar
• Ab Initio first year German

Trinity College, Dublin, 2002 – 2007

I taught these courses as a part-time postgraduate tutor during my PhD
Cultural studies teaching
• Fourth year Modernism and Mass Society
• Second year German Author and Society:
• First year Introduction to German Literature
• First year German Textual Analysis
• First year Landeskunde
Language teaching
• Fourth year Literary Translation (German to English)
• Second year grammar tutorials
• Writing Resource Centre tutor, providing writing assistance to Trinity Access students

Liberties College, Dublin, 2002 – 2004

• One-to-one adult literacy tuition (voluntary)

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